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"Those who would trade freedom for security deserve neither and will lose both." - Benjamin Franklin
We are dedicated to:
uniting the wisdom of the Citizens
to preserve government by the Citizens
so we can preserve our country for the Citizens.
Welcome to PetitionTheGovernment.com

Our mission is to make political activism easier than ever before.

We are dedicated to:
uniting the wisdom of the people,
to preserve government by the people,
and to defend liberty for the people.

Browse our short, no-nonsense petitions and sign the ones that interest you.
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Unfamiliar with an issue?
We provide both supporting and opposing viewpoints for each petition so that you can quickly gain a basic understanding of the relevant issues. To make this more interactive and objective, these views may be modified by users who submit their revisions to us. We also provide an open discussion forum for each petition so that users can discuss their differences of opinion and hopefully gain a better understanding of the issues.

As long as the petitions are still current and there are still people signing them we will continue to periodically submit them to the petition recipients.

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